Our Story

Hello everyone,
My name is Valerie Phiri and I am the creator of Crowned by V. This is a brand that I created to promote healthy hair whilst helping individuals express themselves through various vibrant designs. The idea behind Crowned came from a realization that the satin bonnets that I was used to buying would always slip off and the quality was not  always the greatest. With this being said I decided to ask myself how could I change these problems because I knew I was not the only one facing them. With the help of my parents and friends I was able to put together the collections that you see on this site.
At Crowned our aim is to provide customers with high-quality handmade products to ensure that they not only feel confident with their hair but with the way that they look in general. We pride ourselves on taking the time needed to make sure that each item is made with the upmost amount of care and love.
Thank you so much for your support!